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Join Us At
Mike's Global Grill
for All the NCAA Division Men's Basketball games

Click the image below to download your own bracket
Now Available

Shortly after the 11 AM Deadline we will post all your entries here so you can have a copy of your bracket limited time 

Click the Orange logo below to download your bracket

march madness.png

If you sent yours electronically there may be a delay in your entry in the above PDF file.

Once Brackets are available a link here will allow you to print our bracket out.  $10 Entry

Mike's Global Grill uses the 1-2-3-4-5-6 point system for each round.  In round one each correct pick equals one point, the second round two points, etc until the championship round were a correct pick earns six points.

Participants choose a combined score for the championship game to determine any ties in final points.

75% to winner
25% to runner up


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