Mike's Global Grill

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Congratulations to Mike's Global Grills for 5 Years of service to the Boquete Community

Forth of July Celebration

75 Cent Beer Specials

American Picnic Standards

Meet n Greet with Boquete Youth Baseball

3 PM Monday, 4 July.

Mike's Global Grill in Boquete

Find out what's happening everyday by following Mike's Global Grill on Facebook or Twitter.  What food is on Special. What's on TV. When is the next live music . . . etc.  Mike's Global Grill is hands down the best international friendly bar & restaurant in town!

Live Music Thursday (Open Mic), Fridays and Saturdays at Mike's Global Grill @ 7:30 PM

Mike's Global Grill provides comfort cuisine from around the world using local, fresh, sustainable ingredients.  

Mike's: International Cuisine - local ingredients